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09 February 2013

Peregrine Harker and the Black Death

Hollands, Luke. Peregrine Harker and the Black Death. Sparkling Books, 2013.

London 1908: A secret society stalks the murky streets, a deadly assassin lurks in the shadows and a series of unexplained deaths are linked by a mystery symbol - When boy-detective Peregrine Harker stumbles across a gruesome murder he sparks a chain of events that drag him on a rip-roaring journey through a world of spluttering gas lamps, thick fog, deadly secrets and dastardly villains. Every step of Peregrine's white-knuckle adventure brings him closer to the vile heart of a terrifying mystery - the true story behind the Brotherhood of the Black Death.

Part Sherlock Holmes. Part Indiana Jones. Peregrine Harker and the Black Death was a quick, enjoyable read. I could easily see my former students or future patrons flying through this book and begging for the next one in the series. A great middle-grade mystery novel that will keep readers hooked from the first page. Well done!

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Net Galley for the purposes of review.

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