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12 February 2013

One for the Murphys

Hunt, Lynda. One for the Murphys. Nancy Paulsen Books, 2012.

When Carley's stepfather beats her (while her mother holds her so she can't run away), she is placed into the foster system.  The Murphys are a bustling, happy family, and Carley has difficulty adjusting to life in their home and accepting the unconditional love she finds there.  When her mom has recovered enough to leave the hospital, Carley has to face leaving the one place she felt like home.

I enjoyed this story. I loved how "real" the Murphy family was and how patient the mom was with Carley and her odd behavior.  I didn't want Carley to go back with her mom, but I was glad she had had a chance to grow strong and see that there are possibilities outside of her normal experiences.

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