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28 May 2011

Get Well Soon

Halpern, Julie. Get Well Soon. New York: Feiwel and Friends, 2007.

Anna, normally a straight-A student, has lost interest in school.  Her parents haven't been able to cure her depression on their own, so they pack her up in the car and drop her off at a mental institution.  Anna spends three long weeks locked up in the loony bin, where she meets a roommate who has a plastic baby, a boy who thinks he's the servant of the Dark Lord, and a boy who will likely live out his days in that same institution.  So what really makes a person crazy, and does locking up all the crazy people together help them to become less crazy?  Anna's not sure.

I'll admit it: I checked out this book entirely because of the cover.  Well, I did read the synopsis, too, but I started with the cover.  This book was entertaining and fun and definitely different from other books that I have been reading.

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