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02 August 2011

Miles From Ordinary

Williams, Carol Lynch. Miles From Ordinary. New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 2011.

Lacey is excited about starting her job at the library, excited because this job gives her a reason to be out of the house in the summer and to take a break from caring for her mother.  Lacey's mother is mentally ill: she hears the voice of her dead father speaking to her and telling her to do things like store up enough food to last a lifetime.  She refuses to take her medication, and slowly everyone in her life has left her, except Lacey.  But when Lacey finishes her first day of work and cannot find her mother, what will she do?

This was an interesting book and a quick read.  I felt bad for Lacey having to deal with her mother's craziness and trying to be a normal teenager at the same time.  I was glad that she finally got the help her family needed by the end of the book.

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