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20 August 2011

The House You Pass on the Way

Woodson, Jacqueline. The House You Pass on the Way.  New York: Delacourte Press, 1997.

Staggerlee doesn't have much going for her.  She has a completely unusual name, first of all.  Second, she is a child of mixed race in a time and place where this is not acceptable.  Third, she has a crush on her best friend, who also happens to be female.  When her friend moves away, Staggerlee isn't sure what to do with herself, until her cousin Trout moves in.  Staggerlee and Trout become fast friends and soon confess to each other that they both like girls, but both have realized that they cannot talk about this issue with their families, ever.  Trout was sent to Staggerlee's house to solve her "little problem," but it isn't until she returns home that Trout develops a crush on a male classmate.  Staggerlee is still trying to find her way in a world that is very unfriendly to her.

This book was kind of slow and rather difficult to follow.  There isn't much action and not much conflict, and Staggerlee's problem isn't resolved in the end.  I found this book to be rather unsatisfying.

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