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27 December 2013

The Eye of Minds

Dashner, James. The Eye of Minds. Delacorte BFYR, 2013.

Michael is a gamer who spends most of his free time in his "coffin," a pod that allows him to experience near-reality in his gaming. But something is wrong with the game. People are dying, not only in the game but also in real life, and someone is behind the deaths. When the government asks Michael and his friends to use their programming expertise to catch the killer, they can hardly refuse. But will they be able to catch the killer without themselves being killed?

This was an interesting, fast-paced futuristic mystery. My patrons who spend their entire free time on Minecraft or other online games would love this series, as would fans of the recent rash of serial killer stories. I know this particular book will be an easy sell, and its fast pace will keep my readers interested.

Recommended for: teens, fans of MMORPGs, fans of mysteries or dystopia
Red Flags: video game violence
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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