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06 December 2013

All Our Yesterdays

Terrill, Cristin. All Our Yesterdays. 2013.

This book opens with Em being trapped in a prison cell. She finds a note from herself, a note that has been changed and added to at least a dozen times. She is going to travel back in time and try to stop the events that lead to her imprisonment. Her previous selves have left her clues as to what she should do, and this time the note says, "You have to kill him."

This book was really intense. I enjoyed reading about Em's life before the time travel occurred, especially as this story was spliced between updates on her current trip back in time to stop whatever bad thing is going to happen. It isn't until the end of the story that the reader has the full picture, and it's amazing how the author weaves it all together. I couldn't put this one down, and now I can't keep it on my shelves.

Recommended for: teens, tweens, fans of sci-fi and suspenseful books
Red Flags: lots of violence and near-death experiences; characters are tortured in prison; mild profanity
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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