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10 October 2014

New Beginnings

This is not me, but I am SO jealous of the blue hair.

Today I start my brand-new job as a children's librarian with a nearby urban public library. I have been vying for a "real librarian" position since I graduated from library school. Unfortunately, I got caught in one of those "we want you to have library experience so we can hire you for a job where you'll get library experience" cycles and things just didn't work out.  I felt lucky to find my position as a library/media technician (LMT) at a local public school, but that job didn't require a college degree (at least, according to the district it didn't) and it didn't pay very well.  I loved - LOVED - the kids I was working with and the staff I worked with, and I was able to do some incredible things in that library, but my school bills aren't getting any smaller, and I've grown tired of working multiple jobs just to pay the bills.  Four years working 2-3 jobs is a bit much.

I've continued applying for full-time, salaried, actual librarian positions while I worked at my school library, and I didn't have any success, really, until recently. I'm not sure what changed, but this summer I had a couple of panel interviews and phone interviews and finally I was in line for a real job.  I kept working at my school library job, and on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (which falls in the same week as my birthday), I was offered a new position.  I am very excited about starting my new position today and being able to work in the field and with the group for which I trained (and for which I put myself in debt to Sallie Mae). This new job is a definite step up for me.

My blog will likely be on hiatus for a few weeks while I adjust to my new position. I am excited about the programs I will be able to share with you, as well as the countless numbers of stories of all the crazy things that will happen with my new kiddos. 

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