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29 May 2013

Wonder Show

Barnaby, Hannah. Wonder Show. Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2012.

Portia's mom and dad leave her at her aunt's house, and after a few years, her aunt sends her away to a home for wayward children.  When Portia's only friend at the home dies, she chooses to run away to the circus rather than continuing life at the home. She joins up with the circus side show, cooking and assisting with behind-the-scenes duties as she gets to know the "circus freaks." One day, two men in suits show up to take her back to the home.  Will Portia ever reunite with her father?

I really enjoyed the writing style and narrative voice of this book. Most of the chapters are narrated in third-person, but occasional chapters give us glimpses inside the heads of various characters.  It was fun to get a peek into the lives of circus performers as well.  If I still had a classroom, this book would definitely be on my shelf.

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