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19 May 2013

Beyond Belief

Hill, Jenna. Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape. William Morrow, 2013.

Jenna Miscavige Hill grew up in the world of Scientology as created by L. Ron Hubbard. She embraced the doctrines unquestioningly until her adult years, when she chose to leave.  Now she describes her life as a Scientologist and what caused her to leave behind everything she'd known.

This is another great "escape from a cult" books, similar to those written by people fleeing the FLDS church.  I enjoyed this book and could relate to some of Hill's experiences.  I think it's interesting to have this perspective on Scientology, from someone who not only was part of the elite in-group, but who was also a relative of the head of the church.

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