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11 May 2013

Out of the Easy

Sepetys, Ruta. Out of the Easy. Philomel Books, 2013.

Josie is the daughter of a prostitute in 1950s New Orleans and wants to distance herself from her mother's reputation, go to college, and start a life of her own. But how will she get into the New England school of her choice with no money and no prospects?

I enjoyed this story, and was glad that it had a happy ending, and it was also a fairly quick read. I also like the idea of a character who sees what she wants and goes for it, regardless of how impossible it may seem.

However, I will leave you with one caveat: rape and abuse survivors will likely find parts of this book triggering, as I did. Josie spends time around a few unsavory characters and at one point is in a very sticky situation, so proceed with caution. The book itself is fast-paced and thrilling and the story was quite enjoyable to read.

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