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23 January 2013

Eve and Adam

Grant, Michael and Karen Applegate. Eve and Adam. Feiwel and Friends, 2012.

Eve is in a horrible car crash that severs her leg. Fortunately, her mom is in charge of a huge medical facility that can help her heal fast.  As she is healing, Eve's mom assigns her a project: create the perfect boy.

This book lost me when Eve decided to leave her mom's workplace, where she was recovering from a car crash in which SHE LOST A LEG, and goes to rescue her best friend's boyfriend from a drug deal gone wrong. The story was intriguing, but the best friend subplot was obnoxious. I don't care how close we are, if I had a leg severed from my body, I would not be willing/able to come to your rescue or your no-good boyfriend's rescue when I'm supposed to still be in the hospital.

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