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16 January 2013

Another 365 Days

Payne, K.E. Another 365 Days. Bold Strokes Books, 2013.

Life’s sweet when you’re seventeen and in love, right? Clemmie Atkins certainly thinks so! She’s still madly in love with her girlfriend, the hot and super-confident emo, Hannah Harrison, and her irritating sister, HRBH, will soon be leaving home to go to university.

But just when it seems that life is finally pretty darn cool, a new distraction at school threatens to upset everything, and the return of the enigmatic and sexy J with a startling confession confuses things further. Clemmie has another 365 days to try to get her life back on track...but will it be enough?

The main character in this story is a teen girl, and she keeps a diary of sorts - her diary is the book we read. This would be fine, except that the story has no plot aside from the normal comings and goings of a teen girl. At first she had some conflict with her girlfriend - they were together, then they broke up, then they were together again - but the book continued long after that, when the conflict was over. I didn't mind reading this girl's diary entries, but diary-style books have to work really hard to be interesting, and this one, sadly, was unsuccessful. Added to the British-isms, which in and of themselves wouldn't have been problematic, as well as the odd comments about the girlfriend being "emo," and this book fell flat for me. I wanted to like it, but the endgame needed help.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for the purposes of review.

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