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25 January 2013

52 Reasons to Hate My Father

Brody, Jessica. 52 Reasons to Hate My Father. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 2012.

Lexington Larrabee is a spoiled brat. Her family is beyond rich, and Lexi stands to inherit $25 million dollars the day she turns 18. However, her father has been less than impressed with her behavior, so he gives her a task to complete before she receives her trust fund: for one year she will work 52 low-paying jobs, and she must complete every one of them in order to get her money.

I didn't expect to like this book. I usually hate stories about spoiled brats, and the main character in this story could fit right in with the Gossip Girls. But she changes, and that's what makes this story worth reading. Her super-rich, super-busy, always absent father changes, too. This book is a quick, enjoyable read and was definitely worth the time I spent on it.

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