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27 June 2011

When the Piano Stops

McCall, Catherine. When the Piano Stops: A Memoir of Healing from Sexual Abuse. Berkeley: Seal Press, 2009.

Catherine McCall was sexually abused by her father throughout her childhood, and not until she was an adult did she begin to remember and seek healing.  For these reasons, I thought this book would be a good one for me to read. McCall's story is told in similar fashion to Erin Merryn's. Both chronicle their memories of abuse and describe the process they went through in seeking healing and confronting their abusers. Unfortunately, there is little detail given as to what exactly was helpful or not helpful in the healing process.  The abuse scenes are graphic and disturbing [as I believe abuse scenes truly are], so this book gave me a good picture of what McCall experienced, but did not inspire me with new ideas about healing or finding help or even helping others.  I am sure it was helpful for McCall to write her story; I have, indeed, considered writing mine out more fully.  At this point I am uncertain whether this story was a beneficial one for me to read.  And I certainly cannot recommend this book to those who are not abuse survivors.  Leave this one in the library, my friends.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you are not alone.  Please visit http://rainn.org.  There is help available.

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