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22 June 2011

The Ranger's Apprentice

Flanagan, John. The Ranger's Apprentice. New York: Philomel Books, 2005.

Finding a good, interesting, entertaining book is a beautiful thing.  Finding the first book in a series of good, interesting, entertaining books is an even better thing. I have been thoroughly enoying the Ranger's Apprentice series.  This fantasy series follows the story of Will, an orphan boy who longs to be apprenticed into the battle school to become a soldier for the king.  He is disappointed to discover that he has been apprenticed to a ranger instead.  However, he soon learns that being a ranger is a more difficult job than he has bargained for.

I am enjoying the story of Will and the people he meets in his journeys.  I may eventually tire of this series - my library's search engine tells me there are ten books already - but for now I am enjoying the journey.

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