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16 September 2013

The Caged Graves

Salerni, Dianne. The Caged Graves. Clarion Books, 2013.

Verity has returned to Catawissa, PA, to marry her betrothed, a person she has never met before. She finds herself getting to know her father for the first time and discovering secrets surrounding her family, including the reason why her mother's grave is not in the cemetery and is surrounded by a cage.

This book was suspenseful and entertaining. I could barely put it down, and I don't generally enjoy historical fiction.  I liked watching Verity adjust to her new community, and I really enjoyed the climax and ending of this story. This one might be difficult to get kids to pick up without book-talking it, but perhaps it could be part of a Halloween display.

Recommended for: young adults, fans of suspense fiction

Red Flags: violence - lots of chasing and people being shot at, etc.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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