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04 September 2014

The Haven

Williams, Carol Lynch. The Haven. St. Martin's Griffin, 2014. 

Shiloh is one of the Terminals who have spent their lives in The Haven, a quarantined hospital where she can live out her days until the disease takes her life. Her food, her sleep, her exercise, and her health are carefully monitored. She attends classes and watches her classmates disappear, one by one. When one of her classmates offers her a "red pill or blue pill" option, Shiloh has to sort through all she's been told to find the truth among the lies.

This book is extremely similar to Never Let Me Go, and as such would make a great read-along or extra book if a patron/student really enjoyed that book. It was very obvious to me from the outset both what was happening to the Terminals as well as how the book would end, but I enjoyed the story enough and know that my students, especially fans of science fiction, would like this book. With the movie based on Lowry's The Giver coming out soon, this book could be easy to book talk in a library.

Recommended for: fans of science fiction, young adults
Red Flags: none
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Read-Alikes: Never Let Me Go, The Giver

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