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05 September 2014

Half a Chance

Lord, Cynthia. Half a Chance. Scholastic Press, 2014.

Lucy longs to be a photographer like her father, so even though she's not thrilled about moving to yet another new home in yet another state, she tries to make the best of it by entering a photography contest. The only problem is that her father is one of the judges. She soon befriends the neighboring family and together with her new friend, Nate, she works on completing the contest as well as keeping an eye on the local loon population. But what will happen when her father finds out that she entered the contest under another name?

This story is a perfect summer read. Lucy spends her summer at a lake - swimming, hiking, taking pictures, observing loons. She wants to use her prize money to help Nate's family. She misses her father, but she knows he'll be home soon. She really wants to please him with her photography. This is a great middle grade book, and would be a good classroom read-aloud as well.

Recommended for: kids
Red Flags: "nature violence" - an eagle attacks the loons
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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