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25 April 2013

The New Normal

Little, Ashley. The New Normal. Orca Book Publishers, 2013.

Tamar's younger twin sisters died in a drunk driving accident several months ago. Now her dad is absorbed in his TV shows, her mom is obsessed with yoga, and Tamar is losing her hair, trying to keep her family together, and attempting to survive high school.

This book started out not-so-good, but it got a bit better as the book continued. I was frustrated with the main character since she didn't cut her parents much slack in the aftermath of her sisters' death. Also, why didn't she go to the doctor to see what was going on with her hair loss? I got the impression from Tamar's memories that her sisters were selfish jerks. She didn't seem to remember any happy times with them.

If you feel the need to add books about hair loss to your YA collection, this would be a good book to use. Otherwise, it's interesting enough for people who read everything, but not something I would keep in my collection for the long-term.

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