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07 December 2011

WIth a Name Like Love

Hilmo, Tess. With a Name Like Love. Harrisonburg, VA: RR Donnelley & Sons Company, 2011.

Ollie's daddy is a traveling preacher.  Along with her four sisters and her parents, Ollie travels throughout the country, stopping in various towns for her daddy to preach a three-day revival.  When they arrive in Binder, however, they realize that all is not as it should be.  Ollie meets a boy named Jimmy who is taking care of himself while his mother is in jail for murdering his abusive father. Ollie is convinced that Jimmy's mother is innocent, and she is sure that she can find the evidence to prove it before her family leaves town.  But will she be able to find it in time?

I really enjoyed this story.  Not only was it practically squeaky-clean, but Ollie and her family do make a difference in the town of Binder.  Ollie is convinced that there is a lot of good in the town of Binder, if only people can stop judging each other.

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