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25 December 2014

Rain Reign

Martin, Ann. Rain Reign. Feiwel & Friends, 2014.

Rose is a child with high-functioning autism. She is trying sixth grade for the second time, in hopes that she will learn the necessary social skills to succeed in middle school. Rose's father does not want help raising his daughter and has insisted that she be treated like non-disabled students, so she is not receiving as many services as she otherwise would. When a big hurricane blows through town and Rose's dog, Rain, gets lost, how will she cope with the changes in her life?

This book is so wonderful, I'd give it more than five stars if it were possible to do so. Rose is a wonderful young lady who is learning how to cope with her limitations, and it's beautiful to watch her make friends throughout the story. Even her obsession with prime numbers and her "conversation starters" made me smile. Rose's dad doesn't know how to help her, and he seems very angry and a bit too proud to accept help himself, so I felt bad for Rose from the outset of the story. But all is not lost. Rose has helpers in her life - her uncle helps take care of her, and Rose does make friends at school. The story doesn't have a Disney-esque ending, but it is a satisfying ending. Strongly recommended.

Recommended for: middle grade, people who work with children, especially children with disabilities
Red Flags: Rose's dad beats Rain and shouts a lot
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

Read-Alikes: Rules, Paperboy, Hurt Go Happy

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