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22 October 2011

Dark Mirror

Putney, M. J. Dark Mirror. New York: St. Martin's Griffin. 2011.

Tory is growing up in a world where magic is reviled by the aristocracy just as it is revered by the lower classes.   Highborn children who show magical ability are sent away to school to "cure" them of this problem.  When Tory chooses to use her abilities to save the life of her nephew, her family has no choice but to send her away for treatment.  At school, Tory discovers an underground network of people who still believe that magic is good and who want to use their abilities to help others.  Tory must decide what is most important to her.

I enjoyed this story.  It has some fun twists and turns that kept me reading.  The romantic subplot could have been left undone, but other than that, this was an interesting and well-written story with a new twist on the idea of being born with magical abilities.

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