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17 February 2011

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Giordano, Paolo. The Solitude of Prime Numbers. New York: Penguin Group, 2009.

This novel follows the lives of two "prime number" people who for various reasons choose to spend much of their time alone.  Each is battling childhood demons and each chooses to face those demons in different, destructive ways.  This story shows the intertwining of the lives of Alice and Mattia as they head toward adulthood and face the consequences of their actions.

This story was okay.  I kept hoping that Mattia would meet up with his sister by the end of the novel, or that Alice and Mattia would fall in love, or that something exciting would happen.  Nothing did.  The plot was, well, practically nonexistent.  So I finished the book, but I was pretty disappointed in this story.  The title is great - that's what grabbed my attention over the stack of books I was already holding in my arms - but it did not live up to my expectations.  Better luck next time.

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