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05 February 2011

On the Right Track

Jones, Marion. On the Right Track. New York: Howard Books, 2010.

This memoir chronicles the story of Marion Jones, Olympic track star, and her choices both to lie about using performance enhancing drugs and then to come clean about her lies.  Jones details her fears as she considered telling the truth, her life in the prison system, and what she is doing now that her track career has ended.

I appreciated her candor and willingness to tell the truth even when it is costly.  I applaud her courage in facing six months in prison and away from her two sons.  I am glad that her sons can look up to her as an example of one who will tell the truth and take whatever consequences are given, no matter what.

This book was an interesting look into the world of performance-enhancing drugs and life in a women's prison. Were I still a teacher with a classroom, this book would be on my shelf.  Students who prefer running over reading might be able to sit still long enough for this book.

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