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07 January 2011

Grace Awakening

Swindoll, Charles. Grace Awakening. Dallas: Word Publishing, 1990.

In his classic Grace Awakening, Swindoll identifies the number one killer of grace in the church, and it isn't what you might be guessing.  For anyone who has spent any number of years worshiping in a church, this book is an excellent resource to reaffirm the grace that God has given to each of us.  Fear of disapproval causes us to distance ourselves from the One who loves us more than we can understand. God's grace is what has saved us, what is making us more like Him, and what allows us to love all of those around us.  It's time to reawaken the grace in our lives. 

This book is an excellent addition to my growing list of "books of grace and freedom" that I have found as I have been reexamining my beliefs and my walk with Christ.  If it isn't on your 2011 reading list yet, it should be.

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