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30 January 2011

Generous Justice

Keller, Timothy. Generous Justice. New York: Dutton, 2010.

Typically we think of justice as doling out punishments to criminals who have committed various crimes.  In his book Keller shows a different side of justice: caring for those around us who need help.  Keller demonstrates God's emphasis on helping the poor and needy, both through Old Testament commands and New Testament teachings of Jesus.  God is an advocate for the poor and the helpless and we are to be His hands and heart in this world.

I appreciated Keller's reminder that we as Christians need to live a life that proclaims the salvation Christ has given to us.  It was good to remember how much grace God has shown us and to see that we should show that grace to others around us as well.  Absolutely it is important for us to share the Gospel with everyone.  Yes, this is the most important message we can share.  But no one will listen to that message if our walk doesn't match our talk, if we describe God's grace and generosity to others but will not be generous or gracious ourselves.

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