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26 July 2010


Klass, David. Timelock. New York: Francis Foster Books, 2009.

I have serious doubts concerning the efficacy of "save the planet" fiction. It seems to me that many a good story has been ruined when the author chooses to beat the reader over the head with an environmentalist theme. I enjoyed James Patterson's Maximum Ride series until they joined this trend and began saving rainforests, ecosystems, the spotted owl, you name it.

Sadly, David Klass seems to have jumped on to the environmentalist bandwagon. Timelock, the third book in a series, was great until page 200 or so when the eco-babble started in. The main character has traveled back in time to save the planet from sure destruction at the hands of evil men. Unfortunately, we discover too late, 200 pages too late, that the evil men actually did not need to do anything - humankind was destroying the earth due to - wait for it - global warming.

Seriously, folks. If you strongly believe in global warming's destruction of the earth, why not host a 5K to raise money? Don't pollute the literary waters with your garbage.

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