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20 July 2010

Things That Keep Us Here

Buckley, Carla. Things That Keep Us Here. New York: Delacorte, 2010.

This novel explores the possibility of a pandemic, similar to the influenza pandemic of 1918, sweeping across the world. A virulent form of avian flu has combined with the influenza virus, and this virus is spreading across the globe, killing 50% of the people who are infected. States impose quarantines, airlines are shut down, people run through the streets looting stores and houses. All of this begins in November as a record-breaking snowfall hits the midwest and the east coast.

I finished reading this book sitting in a living room that is boasting the balmy temperature of 60 degrees. I am not certain if reading of people trying to survive through a winter with no electricity and nowhere to go caused me to be greatful for the blanket on my lap or simply intensified the cold I felt, but this was, nonetheless, a good and interesting book. I was disappointed only when I discovered that my local library does not carry any other books by this author.

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