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09 July 2010

Dark Angel

Klass, David. Dark Angel. New York: Frances Foster Books, 2005.

Jeff's small town life has been just about perfect. He's on the soccer team, he has a girlfriend, and he has best friends to spend time with. And no one knows about his brother.

Then his brother is released from prison on a technicality and comes home. His parents are thrilled to have Troy home, but Jeff is skeptical. He has seen the darkness in Troy's eyes and isn't sure he can be trusted. When the captain of the soccer team disappears, the police are not sure whether his disappearance is drug-related or something that can be blamed on Troy.

This was a quick read - I finished this book in less than three hours. I appreciated the character of the science teacher in this story, and it was interesting to watch the relationship between the two brothers, as well as the differences that Troy's appearance makes in Jeff's life. Not necessarily a book I will add to my personal collection, but a good library book nonetheless.

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