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16 November 2018

It's the End of the Blog as We Know It

Since the start of Pokemon Go, I have become a bit of a Pokemon professor of sorts, playing the game and watching the anime. What started as a way to understand what my patrons were interested in became something I myself was interested in. 

There's a particular episode of the anime where Jigglypuff, who always carries a microphone and tries to sing his song to anyone he sees, has his microphone stolen by a Snubbull. Jigglypuff spends the rest of the episode trying to get his microphone back. 

I can relate to this Jigglypuff. Nearly nine months ago, in a plot twist I certainly didn't see coming, I was asked to resign from my children's librarian position. I spent eight months like that Jigglypuff, trying to find another position, trying to understand how something I loved so much had been taken away from me, trying desperately to reopen the door that had been slammed in my face.

One of the things I did during that time was to keep this blog rolling. It was hard to enter the library as a patron and not a staff member and to read books and review them when I knew that I was doing so in the hopes of getting a new job instead of to help me with my current job. 

Eventually, after literally hundreds of applications and dozens of interviews, I gave up. My spouse and I actually relocated to an entirely different state because I had been stonewalled by all the potential library positions where we were living. I was able to find a position doing a thing that I can do, even if it isn't the thing I had come to love since I graduated with my MLS five years ago. 

So this blog, into which I have poured so many of my hours, will no longer receive the attention it has for so many years. I still read, and if you run into me in person I will gladly talk with you about books, but I can't see devoting so much time to a platform only reminds me of what I've lost. 

For those of you who have followed my reviews and posts, thank you for sticking around. I won't deactivate the site, so feel free to send your friends to the posts with free downloadable forms or posters or whatnot. But don't expect any new content any time soon. I've decided to focus my energies elsewhere. 


Marge Loch-Wouters said...

Thanks for your blog Jenni. I am sorry to hear how difficult it has been for you. I hope a library job is still in your future. You do great work - and I so appreciated your willingness to get out there and share your expertise with peers and colleagues in your sessions at conferences.!

Jenni Frencham said...

Thanks, Marge. The job I have now is a good one, so although I do miss the library world, I'm happy where I'm at. I really enjoyed working with you and learning from you when I was up in your state. :D

Katy K. said...

Jenni, I've only just been getting to know you through the Cybils, but i'm so very sorry that things have been so rough for you! Best of luck to you and your spouse in your new home!!!

Jennifer said...

I'll miss your blog - it's been a great resource!