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17 October 2018

The Transparency Tonic

Cole, Frank. The Transparency Tonic. Shadow Mountain, 2019.

Gordy is continuing his education as a dram at B.R.E.W., aided by his friends Max and Adilene. His family has moved into a new house, and there is a new principal at Gordy's school as well. The principal's daughter is a dram like Gordy, but Gordy thinks there's something odd about her and her family. Meanwhile, Gordy's grandfather, who has been exiled in a cave in the frozen north, has escaped and is pursuing means to make his escape permanent. Gordy may be the only potion master with the skills to stop his grandfather, but will he be able to make it in time?

This is a delightful adventure tale that fits right in with the first book in this series. The antics of Max will keep kids laughing, and the trio are reminiscent of Harry, Ron, and Hermione with their penchant for getting in trouble and the adventures they find themselves in. The action sequences carry this story and will have readers turning pages to find out what happens next. Give to fans of the Harry Potter series, the many Rick Riordan series, or the Iron Trial.

Recommended for: tweens
Red Flags: some intense action and mild fantasy peril
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Netgalley for the purpose of review.

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