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31 March 2012

A Tragic Day

Greetings, faithful readers:

Unfortunately, I have recently been diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, and as such, I am going to take a hiatus from blogging for an as-yet-undetermined period of time. My surgery is scheduled for just a few weeks from now, and after that I will doubtless need to refrain from unnecessary wrist movements.

However, this is still child abuse awareness month, and as such, I'd like to give you a list of resources I've posted from the past few years.  Feel free to browse through prior posts for information about this important month:

April 2011
April 2010

I will still be checking in occasionally, so feel free to comment or to contact me via email.  Or, if you have any suggestions for things I can do that don't involve my dominant hand (movies to watch, etc.), I'd welcome your input. 


Robert L said...

DO NOT HAVE THE SURGERY DONE. Until you have been to a Chiropractor. this is the only time in my life I recommend this treatment. I have had several Library friends have the surgery and then they are unable to use that hand again. try the Chiropractor first. then if it fails surgery is the option. Bob

Jenni Frencham said...

Unfortunately, Bob, I didn't see this until after I had the surgery, but the surgery itself has gone swimmingly. I am recovering quite well and my hand is better than ever. :) I know some people have had bad experiences with this surgery, but it went fine for me. :)