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29 September 2011

The Knight

James, Steven. The Knight. Grand Rapids, MI: Revel, 2009.

Agent Bowers is hunting a killer who is re-enacting a story through the deaths of his victims.  As he draws closer to a solution, Bowers realizes that the final chapter in the killer's story involves the death of Agent Bowers himself.  With a deadline looming, how will Bowers catch the killer and save both himself and the killer's other potential victims?

I had a guess that this novel was published under a Christian label, although this book doesn't fit the stereotype of Christian fiction from earlier decades.  This falls more into the category of "well-written fiction that is relatively clean and happens to be written by someone who is a Christian."  A bit of googling about the publisher confirmed my suspicions: Revel is a part of Baker Publishing.  Because of that, I was a bit surprised to find this book in the meager browsing collection at my university's library.  However, this book was excellently written and I truly enjoyed the experience of reading this novel.  For the first time in a long time, I woke up early enough in the morning so that I could finish reading the book before I began working on homework or other duties.  And I was not disappointed.  If you haven't read this one yet, folks, you need to check it out.  Or buy a copy and pass it around to your friends.  You'll thank me later.


n. said...

is that a remake of this Borges story?

Jenni Frencham said...

I don't think it is, but that is an interesting link you posted. I'd be intrigued to read a remake of that story. :)