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27 May 2015


Littman, Sarah. Backlash. Scholastic Press, 2015.

Lara's online crush told her the world would be better off without her. On her Facebook wall. When others start to chime in, Lara decides he's right. The doctors are able to pump the pills from her system before they kill her, but soon the police are investigating this incident. Who is this online crush, and why did he say things that would make Lara do something so drastic? Lara's family and friends have to deal with the backlash after Lara's suicide attempt.

I picked this book up and immediately thought of the after school specials I used to watch while waiting for my mom to come home from work. The lesson in this book is obvious, but there's enough mystery and drama that many readers will be drawn into the the story even if they can already guess what is going to happen. I had already guessed at many of the "plot twists," and I didn't even find any of the characters likable, but I found myself staring at the pages as I turned them, much the way passing motorists will find themselves compelled to look at an accident site. The main character, her ex-BFF, and their parents and younger siblings are all pretty deplorable people. I don't like them. I don't think you're supposed to like them. But the message of this story is a needed one, and this is a book that will be on the shelves at my library and will be easy for me to book talk to middle school and high school students who attend our programs.

Recommended for: teens
Red Flags: suicide attempt, bullying, mild language issues
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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