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04 June 2014


Wilkinson, Lili. Pink. HarperTeen, 2011.

Ava has very progressive, very supportive parents who let her call them by their first names and threw a coming out party for her when she told them that she's a lesbian. She also has a girlfriend who is very anti-establishment and enjoys wearing all black and reading obscure literary texts.

But Ava isn't sure she wants all of this anymore. So she gets a scholarship to an elite private school and goes to school in a pink sweater, not telling anyone that she's a lesbian and hoping to be "normal" for a change. Of course, all of these plans blow up in her face and she ends up picking up the pieces and righting wrongs and trying to figure out what she is.

This was a surprisingly good book. I enjoyed following Ava's self-discovery and appreciated what her friends did for her. I felt like the story had a good, satisfying ending. I would put a copy of this book in my library, and may still do so if I can find one for cheap/free.

Recommended for: fans of chick lit, theater nerds, fans of LGBTQ+ lit
Red Flags: lots of drinking, Ava's girlfriend smokes, Ava almost has sex with a boy who then complains that he is a virgin, language
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

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