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23 April 2014


Lyons, C.J. Broken. Sourcebooks Fire, 2013.

Scarlet wants to go to high school, and in spite of a serious heart condition that could cause her to die at any moment, her father and stepmother allow her to try high school for one week. This leads to Scarlet learning some things about herself and her very sheltered life that she would never have found out otherwise. In taking a risk with her life, Scarlet saves herself.

Wow. This book was crazy. I guessed at the end long before we got there, but I still enjoyed the story and found it to be a compelling read. This story takes place over the course of only five days, so it is fairly fast-paced.

Recommended for: young adults, adults
Red Flags: stepmother has Munchhausen's, so she murders one of her stepchildren and makes the other one sick; also she poisons a football player and frames someone else for it
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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