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05 February 2014


Sweetin, Jodi. unSweetined. Gallery Books, 2009.

This is Jodie Sweetin's memoir of growing up on Full House and the life she led afterward.

I'm not impressed.

I could sum up this book in just a paragraph: "I was a cute kid on Full House, but then I lost my way and did drugs. I sobered up, then I did drugs again. I sobered up, then I did drugs again. I got pregnant and had a cute baby, but then I drank again. Now I'm not drinking or doing drugs. Maybe."

Seriously, the entire book was about her addiction, and there isn't really any recovery going on, because she always goes back to the drugs. The book was actually pretty depressing and repetitive, except for the first couple of chapters where she talks about her time on Full House.

Recommended for: fans of celebrity memoirs
Red Flags: language, drugs, drinking, - this is not a book for children
Overall Rating: 2/5 stars

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