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03 February 2014

Cut to the Bone

Bass, Jefferson. Cut to the Bone. William Morrow, 2013.

This is a prequel to the rest of Jefferson Bass's Body Farm novels, telling of Bill Brockton's original battle with a serial killer and the events which led to the creation of the body farm.  Brockton's arch-nemesis is coming after him because Brockton's work on a case led to this man's dismissal from the navy SEALs. But this time, Brockton's not the only one who's in danger.

I didn't enjoy this book nearly as much as the previous installments in the Body Farm series. The story was peppered with statements like, "I wish I could tell you the time of death more specifically, but no one has studied the way a body decomposes enough to narrow it down."  Obvious pulls at the creation of the Body Farm were distracting and silly. Also, the final serial killer scene was not scary or suspenseful at all, possibly because I've read the rest of the Body Farm books and knew who lived and who died; nonetheless, this book wasn't on of those "un-put-downable" ones that I've read before.

Recommended for: fans of Jefferson Bass
Red Flags: language, violence, several attempted rape scenes or descriptions of past rapes
Overall Rating: 3/5 stars

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