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23 January 2014

Nowhere to Run

Griffin, Claire. Nowhere to Run. Namelos, 2013.

Calvin likes to run, and he's staying in school so he can keep a promise he made to his mom.  After school he works at a repair shop and dates Junior when he's able.  But he lives in a tough neighborhood and has a lot of pressure from a local gang.  Can Calvin escape his destiny, or will he be drawn into the violence around him?

I don't like urban fiction, probably because 1) it's not a setting I'm personally familiar with, and 2) it's not a setting I want to be familiar with.  Urban stories aren't always pretty and they don't always have happy endings.  I can see this book being very popular with my patrons, though, some of whom live in neighborhoods much like Calvin's, and many of whom will choose not to finish high school.

Recommended for: teens, tweens
Red Flags: drug use, language, threats of violence
Overall Rating: 3/5 stars

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