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29 January 2014

Jane, the Fox, and Me

Britt, Fanny. Jane, the Fox, and Me. Groundwood Books, 2013.

Helene is an outcast at her school.  The other kids pick on her and call her fat, and she's beginning to believe these lies.  She is definitely not looking forward to the class camping trip, until she ends up meeting a new friend who helps her see past everyone's teasing.

This book is adorable.  The illustrations are perfect, and the story itself is interspersed with bits of Jane Eyre, which gives it a great classroom tie-in. It also addresses the body image issues many people struggle with, by depicting a girl who is clearly not overweight, but is still teased by her classmates.  This one will be a quick favorite among my patrons.

Recommended for: tweens, teens
Red Flags: none
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

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