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23 December 2013

The Good Neighbors: Kith, Kin, and Kind

Black, Holly. Kin (also Kith and Kind). GRAPHIX, 2008.

Rue's mother has disappeared and her father just sits in his chair and doesn't respond to her anymore. Rue soon discovers that she can see things that others can't, and in fact she is half fairy. Her mother, a full fairy, has returned to her people because of Rue's father's unfaithfulness. This trilogy follows Rue as she interacts with the fae, discovers her heritage, and determines that she alone must save humanity.

I liked this trilogy and the books were a fast read. The story was easy to follow, and even though I guessed at the ending of Kind before it appeared, I was still satisfied with the resolution. This was a great vacation read, and it would be an easy sell for my graphic novel and paranormal patrons.

Recommended for: teens
Red Flags: One of Rue's friends spends time with water fairies who bite him and suck his blood - the pictures make it clear that he's naked, but nothing is shown. Also language
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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