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01 May 2011

The River

Beaufrand, Mary Jane. The River. New York: Little, Brown and Company. 2010.

Ronnie has moved from a bustling city to a small, small town.  Her father loves the town.  Her mother loves the town.  Her foster brother and sister are thriving.  But Ronnie misses civilization.  She is pulled out of her homesickness by a little girl down the street, and things start looking up.  Then the little girl is found on the banks of the river. Ronnie is sure that her death is more than an accident, and she is determined to find the answers no one else is looking for.

This book was predictable but not excessively disappointing.  I figured out the ending long before the end of the book, which shouldn't be that surprising since this book was written for teenagers.  I almost would have liked the story if it were longer and more detailed.  It seemed a bit too short to me; I finished it in one evening.  It's not a bad story, but there are better teen books out there.

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