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06 December 2010

A Little Bit Wicked

Chenoweth, Kristin and Joni Rodgers. A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love and Faith in Stages. New York: Touchstone, 2009.

I was handed this book under the assumption that I would be interested in reading about Kristin Chenoweth.  I was quite interested, not only because of her hilarious song "Taylor, the Latte Boy" but also because of her appearance in the Broadway musical Wicked. I really, really enjoyed the performance of Wicked that I saw here in San Francisco, so I was intrigued by this book.

Parts of the book were very interesting.  Chenoweth definitely has an entertaining writing style, and I enjoyed some of the anecdotes she shared throughout her story.  Other parts of the book were slower and more difficult to get through, and I found myself skimming through pages at times. 

Overall, I would say this book is mildly interesting.  I enjoyed reading it mostly because I don't have another book on my stack just yet, but I will not be adding this book to my collection.  Check it out from the library if you are really interested.

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