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29 July 2016

Teen Program: Minute to Win It

My current library has a teen event every third Monday; the event itself is called Monday Madness and is open to whatever the teens (or their librarian) is interested in doing, and this month we did Minute to Win It games.

These games are really simple to set up - I was amazed that out of all the things we needed for the games, the only two things I actually had to purchase were pantyhose and Oreos (no, not for the same game). Everything else was readily available in my library already.

I planned out which events we would do and had the supplies ready to go, then when it was time to start, the teens all participated in each game. If I had had a larger group, I would have eliminated teens as they lost, but the size of my group meant that everyone could play every game and we just kept track of how many times they were able to finish the challenge in under a minute.

I played a Minute to Win It look-alike timer from YouTube on my iPad to keep track of the time and made sure to take pictures as the teens played. They seemed to really enjoy themselves and didn't mind looking silly in front of each other (or me). Overall I would call this a very successful program and could see how it could easily be reused on occasion with different challenges.

The list of challenges I used can be accessed here, but you can also look up the Minute to Win It challenges online and customize for your group.

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