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02 December 2015

Orbiting Jupiter

Read with a box of tissues.

Schmidt, Gary. Orbiting Jupiter. 2015

Jack's parents decide to become foster parents to a boy named Joseph who is nearly the same age as Jack. Joseph is leaving behind a sordid past, an abusive father, and his newborn daughter, whom he has never, ever seen. Jack's family tries to help Joseph heal as Joseph looks for his daughter, Jupiter.

This book, similar to other of Schmidt's work, was very sad and dealt with some big issues. I appreciated the way that Joseph was portrayed - as an intelligent but wounded kid who was broken by his family and the system in which he was placed. Joseph's quirks - not allowing anyone to stand behind him, cringing when people touch him - were very realistically portrayed. The ending was sudden and sad, but not all that surprising. I wished this book were a bit longer so there would be more time to explore the life of this boy who has been hurt so much by those around him and who just wants to be a father to his daughter.

Recommended for: teens, older tweens
Red Flags: some violence and bullying
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Read-Alikes: Hanging on to Max, After, Saving Grace

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