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21 August 2015

Science Club: Density

This week my science club studied density. We watched a short video by the Sci Guys about density and density towers, and then we tried making our own.

If I were to do this program again, I would make sure, first, to have bowls instead of cups for the main supply of each liquid, since several of the cups fell over during the experiment. Second, I would eliminate the water level.  I tried this at home and it worked fine with all the levels except water.  When the kids added water, it did NOT work the way it did in the video; instead, all the layers in the middle ended up mixing together, which makes sense since the dish soap was supposed to go on top of the water, and we mix those together all the time when we do dishes.

All in all, the kids and parents both loved making the tower, and I made sure to send them home with a handout so they could try it again if they wanted to.

Update: You can access my handout here.  Feel free to use/photocopy/distribute as needed.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing the handout? I would love to try this at home!

Jenni Frencham said...

The handout has been added above. :)