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11 March 2014

Rose Under Fire

Wein, Elizabeth. Rose Under Fire. Disney Hyperion, 2013.

Rose is a pilot during WWII. She is transporting a plane from one base to another when she is captured by German soldiers and sent to a concentration camp. This story is told journal-style after she has escaped the camp and is recovering in Paris.

I actually enjoyed this book more than Code Name Verity, and I think my students will, too. Concentration camp stories are popular among teens, and this one, with its focus on political prisoners and the "rabbits" instead of the Jews, will be a nice way to round out our collection. I also think this is a great read-alike for Code Name Verity, and will be recommending it to my students who love WWII books.

Recommended for: fans of WWII stories, especially concentration camp stories, young adults
Red Flags: lots of death, lots of violence - the story is told in the middle of a concentration camp in a world war, so these are to be expected
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

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