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11 April 2010

The Long Way Home

Klavan, Andrew. The Long Way Home. Nashville: Thomas-Nelson, 2010.

This story is published by a Christian publisher, but it doesn't have the cheesy story line of so many Christian novels that you can find in a church library. It is Christian in worldview and it is Christian in that it is free from gratuitous objectionable elements. For these reasons, I would put this book on my classroom shelf in a heartbeat.

However, I wasn't thrilled with the storyline. Imagine the Bourne series, but replace Jason with a teenager, and add a post-911 Islamic element to the story, and you'll have the basic idea behind this book. Frustratingly enough, this is the second book in a trilogy. I did not read the first book. The third book is yet to be published.

If you like pseudo-thrillers, I would recommend waiting until the third book is published, and then read all three in order. This book will not make my "Top Ten for 2010" list, but it's not bad.

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