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12 January 2017

Afterschool Programming: Pokemon Club

Ever since the release of Pokemon Go last summer, my patrons have been begging for a Pokemon Club. At first we simply had too many other programs happening to squeeze in yet another activity, but room has opened up in our schedule and I am now running a monthly after school Pokemon Club.

Ages: I did not set an age limit on this group. Children under eight have to be accompanied by an adult or a teen sibling, so our group definitely skews more toward middle school than lower elementary, which is fine. If a younger child (and parent) wanted to attend, I certainly wouldn't stop them.

Activities: I leave space for kids to trade and discuss their cards, and most of the kids are perfectly happy doing just that. They come in with their boxes and binders and pockets brimming with Pokemon cards, and if they simply want to talk to other kids and show off their "special" cards, I have no problem with that. Some kids want to trade cards, which I allow as long as both parties are happy with the trade.

I also have a table or two set up where kids can play the game. I have a few game mats that the kids can use if they're new to the game, or they are welcome to play on the table itself. I took the time to learn the game before we started this club so that I could teach kids who want to learn, and I do have a few "starter decks" available for those who haven't assembled a playable deck or who aren't sure how to play.

Other than providing a few snacks and keeping an eye on everyone to make sure things are going well, that's about the extent of the program. It sounds simple, and it is very simple to set up, but it is a very popular after school option for our patrons, and I love that they are able to connect with other Pokemon fans here in the library.

Do you host any fandom-related clubs at your library?

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